5 Effective Tools And Plugins Are Essential For Every Blogger


Professional blogs often have to do many different things, like writing pieces, posting on social media, and selling partner goods. If you don't have a little help, it might be hard to keep up with all that and grow your writing business. You can make your job easy with a few tools. 

You should be able to identify a service that fits your needs, whether you want to improve your blog posts or receive a better handle on your ad links. This post will look at five useful tools and apps to help you do important blogging jobs faster and more easily.

All In One Seo

Search engine optimization is vital if you require people to find your posts through search engines. This may sound like a hard job, but there are a few SEO tools that can help make your blog more noticeable without a lot of work. This tool lets you choose the right words for your posts and ensure they are optimized for those keywords. 

Let's Discuss About Some Of Its Good Facts:

  • It helps you develop meta descriptions and names to assist search engines in ranking your website higher.

  • It makes sure that your posts can be read and are interesting and easy to understand.

  • It includes a powerful tool named Link Assistant, which suggests ways to add internal links to old material.

Price: This is where you can buy the AIO SEO Lite app. However, if you want to utilize their primary SEO tools, you'll have to pay up for one of their premium plans, which starts at $49.50.


As a busy person who makes content, you might not have much time to edit and spellcheck your pieces before you share them. But people might not want to read something full of mistakes. Because of this, you might want to use a tool like Grammarly to ensure your writing is right. This writing helper checks your work for word and language problems. It helps you use better wording in your posts. 

Here Are Some Of The Great Things About Grammarly:

  • Feedback in real-time so mistakes may be fixed immediately.

  • Automatic rewrite of hard-to-understand words

  • Advice on how to shorten it and use better words

Price: You can use Grammarly for free. But this won't help with simple errors. The increase to premium starts at $12 per month. It has more complex tools and ideas, like the capacity to find copying and shift the tone.


You may attract more individuals to visit your site by using strong pictures. But making beautiful images for social media ads can take a long time. You might not understand much about design, either. Canva makes making beautiful pictures for your website and social media pages easy. To start, you aren't required to understand anything about design. Just choose a template and make changes to make it fit your wants.

Here Are A Few Of The Great Things You Can Do With Canva:

  • Make pictures for social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

  • Make movies for Instagram and TikTok Stories that are interesting.

  • You can market and brand your blog by making posters, brand badges, email blasts, media kits, etc.

Price: You can use Canva for free or pay for an expensive account. You can use more stock photos, themes, and creation tools if you pay for a paid plan.

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Google Analytics

If you want your blog to succeed, you must write posts for the correct people. To do this, you may use a useful tool like Google Analytics to find out more about the people visiting your website and how they connect with your material. Google Analytics gives you specific reports regarding how your audience acts and how well your posts do. We think you'll get the most out of it if you use it with our Beautiful Links tool.

Let's See How You Can Use Google Analytics For Creating Your Blog More Popular:

  • You may figure out which websites send people to yours the most. Then, you can use this knowledge to make SEO and social media work better for you.

  • You can check your return rates, link clicks, session time, and page speed. You can use this information to determine what must be changed on your site.

  • You can find out about your audience's age, gender, and hobbies, among other things. You can then change your material to fit their wants.

Price: It's Free To Use Google Analytics! Create An Account And Put Your Tracking Id On The Website.

Pretty Links

The best way for a blogger to earn money is through affiliate marketing. But it could take you hours to make links and keep track of all the goods you talk about in your posts. This is made easier by our Beautiful Links feature. We created this tool to help you maintain records of and organize your partner links better.

Here Are Some More Helpful Things Pretty Links Can Offer:

  • A tool that lets you trim links and make unique links.

  • You can keep track of how many people who visit your site become customers with detailed records.

  • A tool that adds affiliate links to every one of your posts instantly and swaps certain words in links

Price: Our Lite version is accessible for free. You can shorten your links and group them. You'll have to pay more for our app if you require more advanced options. Prices start at $79 per year.


People who make content usually spend a lot of time doing different things. This could involve anything from making social media images to ensuring your information is right and effective. If you don't have the right tools, being a writer can be hard work.

In This Post, We Glanced At Five Tools That Are Necessary To Help You Handle Your Work Better:

  • All-In-One SEO (AIO SEO) is a strong tool that shows you how to enhance your content to rank better in search engine results.

  • Grammarly is a writing helper that tells you how to write stronger posts with fewer mistakes. Or you might allow Jasper to write all the good stuff.

  • Canva is a tool for making images that lets you use pre-made themes to make beautiful posts for social media.

  • Google Analytics is a service that tells you important things about your viewers and how well your posts are doing.

  • Pretty Links is a comprehensive link management tool that lets you keep track of your ad links and see how well they are doing.


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