5 Popular AI-Powered Content Writing Tools For Bloggers


AI copywriting tools are mostly used to get rid of your writing work. The person gives the AI a text to work from to get the answer they want. The message, description, or term they write in the box for input can be the seed text. Once you deliver the AI the necessary information, it will make multiple copies, each slightly different.


It has a score of 4.8 on Capterra and is the best AI tool for writing copy in the business. With only a few clicks, it can make blog posts that are good for SEO. If Jasper writes 80% of a piece and people only change 20%, it can be written 5 times faster.

Jasper collaborates with SurferSeo to create SEO-friendly writing free of copying and full of keywords. Jasper just started "boss mode," where he practiced writing in 50 different ways. It's frequently employed to write ads, product details, blogs, website content, and long-form stories.


  • Topic Ideas: Think of ideas for your next piece that will do well in Google's search engine results pages (SERPs).

  • This is a summary of the whole blog post. It best serves blog posts with lists and "How to" guides.

  • Introduction to a blog: Write an interesting first line that makes people desire to read more.

  • Story Writing: Comes with interesting, creative stories to keep people reading.

  • Content Improver changes a piece of material to make it more interesting and easy to read.

  • Sentence Expander: This tool takes a short sentence or few words and turns them into a longer, more intriguing sentence or paragraph.

  • Blog: After your blog, write something that makes people desire to read more.


Beginner plans cost $29 monthly, while Boss mode costs $99. You can begin employing Jasper.ai immediately and use 10,000 words to try it out for free.


4.9 out of 5 stars on Capterra, CopyAI is an AI-driven writing tool that makes it much easier to write good content. Many people and companies use it to get good content for their websites. The copy has been written with marketing in mind. It lets them make content without worrying about creating it themselves or finding writers. 

The software utilizes GPT-3 technology to generate data without copying based on data entered by the user, such as themes and topics. Writing blog posts with copy is an excellent method to do it. It may assist you in writing product pages, material for your website, and emails that get out to people.


  • Up to twenty-five distinct languages can be used to make content.

  • Comes with more than 90 strong and useful tools.

  • Includes tools that will assist you in writing catchy headlines, blog introductions, and plans.

  • You can start your blog from scratch with the open writing tool.


Plans for one year cost $35 per month, and a plan that lets you make as much content as you'd like costs $49 per month. You can create a free CopyAI account and use 100 extra points and 90 creative tools for the first month.

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Any word, with a score of 4.8 on Capterra, can quickly write blog posts that are interesting and interesting, and it promises to cut writing time in half. You can write blog titles, openers, plans, bodies, and even ends for blogs. The greatest thing about Any Word is that you can write in your style. The AI will additionally provide you with a score.


  • Title generation: Gives you a list of possible titles and a High Potential Value for each.

  • Blog outline: Before you begin drafting your post, make a plan for it.

  • Introduction: Write a first line that is interesting and that you can change or start over from.

  • Blog paragraphs: Sets up your outline and lets you add, remove, and change each paragraph as required.


The free plan provides 1,000 words, and the Pro plan charges $79 per month and brings you up to 30,000 words of material and support for 25 languages. The agency plan charges $239 monthly and lets you use as many words as possible. This plan can have up to 5 parts added to it.


A framework is the most well-known AI writing tool that is easy to use. It has a 4.9 grade on Capterra, making writing long-form, high-quality blog posts simple.


  • It makes topic research easier by showing common words, trends, and questions people search for online.

  • With the help of an AI-powered writing helper, you can quickly compose long-form content that is captivating and beneficial for SEO.

  • It has a collection of free pictures from which you can choose.

  • Using lines or whole paragraphs to other articles on your blog is stopped by the tool that checks for copying.

  • Best for: Marketing companies, entrepreneurs, and independent writers who want to write long-form blog posts in a fraction of the time


The basic plan costs $19 a month and gets you 10,000 words. The $49/month Starter plan gives you a copy of 40,000 words. For $79 a month, the Professional plan gives you a total of 100,000 words as well as four user spots. The Agency plan charges $199 per month and lets you create as much material as possible for up to eight users.


Over 150,000 marketing teams, companies, and freelancers use Writesonic for their writing needs. Writesonic has a 4.9 grade on Capterra and can make SEO-friendly papers without copying. This may assist you in moving up the SERPs. You don't have to just write blog posts. You can also make ads, write about products, and send emails.


  • AI Article Writer gives ideas, beginnings, and plans for blogs Info Rephraser & Expander Summaries of Posts.

  • Check your spelling and grammar.


The basic plan costs $15 per month, the business plan costs $35 per month, the starting plan costs $95, and the agency plan costs $195. With 10 points and a free Writesonic account, you can use 40 writing tools.


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