6 Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Started Blogging


I've been a blogger for almost 5 years, the past three of which I've done full-time. After launching multiple blogs and making a living online, I desire to share several tips I wish someone had told me of when I first began. If I could go back in time and start The She Approach over, I would do several things differently based on what I know today. 

In the meanwhile, we'll save a lot of time and money. In this piece, I'd want to tell you about it as I reflect on my journey to get here. And I hope you may learn something valuable as I provide up-to-date tactics and tips for bloggers who wish to begin a blog similarly.

You Cannot Create A Website In 10 Minutes.

You may be able to, but it won't be very good. After following all those YouTube videos, I figured setting up my blog would just take me an hour. Incorrect. Preparing my blog for public consumption took me just a few hours. Maybe I'm a perfectionist, so I had to test and try a lot of themes before I could choose one. 

The most difficult element is changing your theme and adding meaningful content. Some blogs suggest you shouldn't worry too much about it initially, but I beg to differ. You want to be proud of everything you put in and ensure it makes a good first impression. So devote some time and effort to creating a website that you like.

You Can Design Your Website.

Following my domain registration, I received several emails and phone calls from web design businesses wanting to construct a website for money I didn't even have. I felt a little down on myself because I realized that if people were prepared to spend so much money on this, it would take a long, with my poor computer abilities and require much more labor than I anticipated. 

All of my concerns had to be set aside, and I was motivated by other bloggers who had begun from nothing. Because it is possible, it requires some research, patience, and a desire to learn. I'm happy with my website and I even designed my homepage without assistance. I think I'm trying to suggest that you will encounter some technical difficulties along the road, but they aren't as difficult as they seem at first.

You Must Put Money Down Straight Now.

I've had a few short romances with my website, but none have lasted. I never felt interested in what I did each day, so I'd be inspired for a month and ignore that I had a blog for two months. However, spending money is amusing because it makes you accountable for what you do with it afterward. 

As a result, I decided to take my website properly and self-host it on Bluehost. I even purchased a theme. I was determined to create a professional-looking website and convert it into a profitable blog. Slowly but steadily, I began to earn money from my blog. 

Not only could I meet all my expenses, but I could also earn more and profit depending on how long I worked. If you still have a blog, see my comment on 7 Reasons to Go Ego in Your Blog to find out why a beginner blogger should spend at least in hosting.

It'll Take Some Time.

I am not yet a blogger. But on certain days, it seems that way. It takes time to blog. I don't simply mean the time it takes to construct the blog. Because if you're not writing a piece, you're most likely publishing something on social media or researching an article while attempting to connect with other bloggers. And if you are interested in submitting quality stuff, you must be punctual. 

Your blog will not become well-known immediately. Some things take time, and the greatest thing you can do early on is focus on establishing a solid foundation. As a result, I produced an ebook that teaches novice and seasoned bloggers how to apply the appropriate tactics to establish an engaged and devoted audience and start pushing their blogs toward the next level.

To Begin, You Must Have At Least Five Posts.

I spent so much time worrying about the blog's appearance that I neglected to write the articles I intended to post and had to rely on some from my former site. What a beginner's mistake. My debut date was approaching, and I wanted to keep going, so I began my blog with just four postings.

So I was bringing many people to my new site and making a big fuss about it, only to have a high bounce rate and confusion since the postings didn't indicate what my blog was about. So, here's my guidance: if you're going to take all that trouble to produce a wonderful first impression, don't overlook the first items. When you introduce your website and place it in front of people, have 5 to 10 blog entries ready.

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A Decent Camera Isn't Required To Create A Visually Appealing Website.

I want my blog to be authentic with my images and writing. However, not everyone can begin with a superb camera and much photography expertise. You also do not wish to take images from other sources since it's illegal and might get you in legal trouble. 

However, you may utilize one of the hundreds of websites that sell images for advertising, or you can give them out for free. So, except for the picture of myself, all of the photographs on my website are from one of these sites. I wouldn't do it forever since capturing unique photographs and keeping your visitors' attention with fresh stuff is important, but it's a wonderful place to start.


I hope that these tips can assist you in starting a blog and making a name for yourself online. With the Internet, anyone can start to share their thoughts and reach people worldwide. But one very important thing to know is that writing is difficult work, and it usually takes some time for a blog to become popular. 

Don't quit if you don't get what you want right away. Many people who fail don't know how close they are to succeeding when they give up. So keep working and promote your work by using the advice given in this piece. Someone needs to hear the important message you're sending out.


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