How To Add Your Blogger Blog In The Google Search Console


You can link your Blogger blog to Google Search Console if you want to. You've come to the right spot. In this lesson, I'll show you how to connect your Blogger blog with Google Search Console and then send your Blogger sitemap in Google Search Console.

It is an SEO tool and web service that lets website and blog owners check how their pages, posts, and articles are being indexed. It gives you data on your website's stats, speed, mistakes, alerts, URL inspection tools, mobile usefulness, coverage, adding sitemaps, core web vitals, and a lot more.

What Is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a Google tool that is free to use. Any blog has to be posted and checked before it can be used. This is done so that Google's search engine can find your blog. And when someone looks for Google on your blog, it's easy to find. Your blog or website won't appear on Google's search engine until you add it to Google Search Console. Google is a very important search tool. 

So, to get more people to visit and rank your blog, you need to add it to a search engine. By adding a website to Google Search Console, Google bots quickly crawl your blog, which makes categorization easier. You can add or remove all your blog posts from search results by hand. 

Here Are Just A Few Of The Thoughts And Skills You Will Gain From This Tool:

  • Confirmation that Google can find your blog and crawl its pages

  • The ability to resolve index problems and ask for new or updated content to be indexed. The ability to see how many people visit your blog.

  • You can see how often your site appears in Google's search results.

  • You can see what search terms bring up the blog in search results and how often people click on those terms.

  • Alerts when Google finds big problems with your site

  • Reports that show you which websites link to yours, and more…

Old Search Console vs New Search Console

Google is switching from the old search panel to a new one. When this guide was last updated, users could easily switch between the old search engine and the new one. Google will stop supporting the old search console soon (in a few months), so you ought to begin employing the new search interface. 

Google's official help page shows what has changed between the old and new search consoles. Some of the pictures in this story and others like it might be to the old Google search panel. I'll change the image and names as soon as I can. But the way it works hasn't changed, and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a message.

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How To Include Blogger In The Google Search Console

I'll Show You How To Connect Your Blogger Blog To Google Search Console In This Part.

  • Sign in to your Blogger account.

  • Go to the left on your Dashboard and click Settings.

  • Scroll to Crawlers and Indexing and click the Google Search Console tab.

  • You'll go to the Google Search Console page.

  • There are two parts: the "Domain" and the "URL prefix." Go to part 2 (URL beginning) and put the URL of your Blogger blog, like ""

  • Click on Continue.

  • Because Google runs Blogger, Google Search Console instantly confirms that you own it. You don't have to manually use different ways to prove your control. This means that you own the blog that URL you put above.

  • To get to your Google Search Console account, click GO TO PROPERTY.

Most of the time, it takes up to 24 hours for Google Search Console to gather data and show you the results. The first page of Google Search Console is called "Overview." It outlines important parts of Google Search Console, such as Efficiency, Coverage, Experience, etc. Follow the next part to find out how to send your Blogger blog's sitemap to Google Search Console.

Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Search Console

In this part, I'll show you how to add or send the sitemap for your Blogger blog in Google Search Console. The Sitemap is an XML document listing your website's URLs that tell search engines which pages and posts are ready to be crawled. You can also send your sitemap through the Custom robots.txt file in Blogger. Follow these steps to add the sitemap for your Blogger blog to the Google Search Console:

  • On the side of Google Search Console, click Sitemaps.

  • Go to the Add a new sitemap area and type sitemap.xml after the "/" at the end of your Blogger URL.

  • Click the box that says "SUBMIT."

  • In the Search Console, you can see that the file was sent incorrectly. You can see the number of URLs of your blog found in the Discovered URLs box.

Settings For Blogger Page In Google Search Console

Google Search Console will look at your page after it has been verified. GSC might need a few days to look at your information. Follow these steps to get natural traffic from a search engine.

Submit your Blogger file to Google Search Console.

Update robots.txt files,

Now Sitemap Has Been Sent Properly. Time To Add The Index For Pages To The Robots.txt File. 

Go to, click on Setting, then click Search Preference, and then Custom robots.txt. Now, set yes to custom robots.txt, as shown in the picture below.

Change to the address of your website. It shows how to paste it. You can also use the best robots.txt and robot meta tags for Blogger SEO.

It Will Require A Few Days For Google Webmaster Tool To Handle Your Info And Show It To You.

Don't Do It.

Do not send Google all of the different versions of your Blogger blog. Only one recommended URL should be sent. For example, turn on HTTPS and enter the URL This may require a few days to finish based on how much traffic your website gets. You must know how to link the Search Console to your Blogger blog.

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