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The best way for any website to show ads is through AdSense Auto Ads. It's turning out to be good for everyone. Here, there is no pressure to find the best place to show the ad or to choose the right size. Because of this, Auto Ads is the function that decides where and how big your ad will be. 

Creating good content is one way to make money online, but it's also important for your site or blog to grow. Google AdSense is the most recognized ad network that helps authors profit from their content. It is the best high-paying related ad service out of all the ad networks. 

Nearly 80% of website owners all over the world use AdSense. It's fun to use the Adsense service. But when you add ads, you should keep the user's experience in mind. Putting ads where people stand still and at eye level is important.

Google is an important part of the user experience, and where ads are placed is a big part. An AdSense heat map effectively determines where to put ads based on your site type. Google's rules change all the time. In the same way, it has come up with a new way to place ads called "AdSense Auto ads."

What are Google AdSense Auto ads?

With Google AdSense Auto ad, you can market your site in a new and better way. It uses a machine-learning system to determine the best place to put ads and how to make the most money from them. It will first look at your pages to see where ads could go. 

It will then show fresh ads when they will do well and give users a good experience. You need to put the code on all of your pages at once. The rest will be taken care of by Google. To show different ads on various pages, you must click on fresh characteristics and styles and turn them on. 

Advantages of auto ads from AdSense:

  • Optimization: Auto ads only show ads when they are likely to work well and give the user a good experience using machine learning.

  • Increased Revenue: It will instantly find any ad area that can be used to place ads. So, more ads mean more money from ads.

  • Time saver: After entering the code, Google will do the rest.

If you turn on page-level ads, you don't need to add any extra code for auto ads because both codes are the same. Your website can have both auto ads and ads that you place yourself. Auto ads will look at where your manual ad is before putting more ads on the same page.

The Procedure To Establish Adsense Auto Ads

It's very easy to put an ad on the website this way. Putting the code on every page of your website is not a hassle.

Get The Advertisement Code From Your Adsense Account.

To get started, you need an AdSense account first. Read this guide on how to set up an AdSense account. First, sign in to your AdSense account that has been accepted. Afterward, you must click the "Ads" button, as shown in the picture. After that, the drop-down menu will be visible. The Auto Ads choice is now visible. The tab for Auto Ads will open on its own.

Your auto-ad code is in this box, as you observe in the picture. Everyone has their own set of rules. No one can spam here. Here, you don't have to choose the ad style and size. The auto-ad tool can figure out how big your site is. Every time, the style is different. This means that many people can see both link ads and banner ads.

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Copy The Adsense Automatic Ad Code

Now you need to move forward one step. Copying the code is the next step. Yes, you need to copy the code for the car ad from the box, as shown in this picture. Don't try to write down the code. AdSense provided us with a button that we can use to copy. Use this button to copy the code every time. You can leave out a few letters when you choose by hand. Except for one letter, the code won't work. So, keep these things in mind as you copy.

Check The Website

First, you have to make sure that your website is real. No need to prove if you're using a site where you can get AdSense approval. You need to prove your blog if you utilize a different one. I hope you can check if the site is real. If you don't know how it works, I'll explain it.

Click the "Sites" button first. This choice is on the left side of your AdSense account. You need to choose this one. Now, click the Add Site button, which looks like the one in the picture. 

The new page will now pop up. This is where you can see the empty text box. It would help if you typed in the URL of your website here. You can see the code in the next box. This is your proof code. You have to use the Copy Code button to copy this code.

Add The Adsense Auto Ad Code.

It's time to put this code into your blog. Don't forget that you have to put this code in the right spot. Your mistake can turn out to be a big one. You will need to go to Theme and then Edit HTML. Now do the next thing. The code you copied must go between head> and /head>. This is an excellent spot. You can only put it in this spot.


This is how the AdSense Auto ad was added to the blog. Here are two different kinds of AdSense accounts. It could be that the setting is different for each account. In this post, I told you about Adsense for content. 

Difference between an AdSense account that is stored and one that is not. Go ahead and use this tool to get more out of it. If you like this story, you should tell other people about it so they can enjoy it too. If you want to read more articles like this, you may join us by clicking the subscribe button.

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