How To Utilize Instagram To Market Your Business And Grow Your Brand


As I've already said, Instagram may not be the best place for B2B brands to get leads and users, but it is a great place to build relationships and do digital PR. So, let's talk about some of the best ways for businesses to sell themselves on Instagram.

Use Appealing Feed

People will remain on your Instagram page if you have an interesting feed. All you have to do is use a bright, eye-catching picture with an icon that tells people what to do. People might want to hit on it and look at your website.

A team of professional artists can help you create the scariest and most eye-catching pictures on your Instagram feed. Here's how an organization like "Iconosquare" uses news feeds to catch people's attention.

Tell The Story Of Your Company.

Your marketing plan should describe what your business is all about. But it might not be the best idea to directly sell your services and goods on the platform since people aren't here to discover new businesses but to look at beautiful photos and videos.

Here's how to talk about your brand. People may be interested in your page, where they will find your website, contact details, and your brand description, especially if you post visually appealing pictures that say a lot about your brand.

A personal feed with pictures and videos means much about your brand, contact information and a description. So, use the material of your feeds to tell people about your business. People need to know about your company to use your goods and services and become passionate fans.

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Use Marketing To Influencers.

Influencer marketing can assist you in achieving more people and getting the word out about your brand. You can get more people to connect with your Instagram feeds with the right celebrity or content maker than with a paid ad. Influencer marketing has been successful for brands that sell to consumers, and B2B marketers could benefit from that.

Many B2B brands use Instagram to draw attention to their company, but only 11% of B2B brands are beginning to work on influencer marketing programs. Still, B2B influencer marketing is less straightforward than B2C influencer marketing. Your audience is business workers, and you need someone trustworthy and informed to talk about your goods and services if you want them to trust you.

Here Are Some Ideas For Your Instagram Influencer Marketing That You Can Use.

  • Having Instagram Live meetings with your best customers can make them into people with a lot of influence.

  • Put out case studies and ask your clients to share them on their feeds.

  • Make material for your business partners, blogs, and the media.

Bring Your Group Forward.

Individuals would appreciate it if you shared more information about the individuals who run your company, and most B2B businesses now include a person's face on their Instagram feeds. Just glance at how Ahrefs uses Instagram to demonstrate their business atmosphere and how their workers live.

Companies have begun utilizing IGTV to build respect toward their brand by presenting their workers to their fans, who are the main reason the company is successful. Companies also post pictures of the people beneath the scenes, which has assisted them in getting a lot of fans.

In the same way, you can show your staff's hard work, obstacles, and development from day to day in the Instagram story part. Almost 500 million people utilize Instagram Stories everyday, making it one of the best methods for B2B marketers to promote their business or get more individuals to follow their brand page.

Show Your Audience How Knowledgeable You Are About Business.

In B2B marketing, you also need to tell prospective clients more about your skills and areas of experience. This can be done by giving people information about your goods and services in your writing. One of my new favorite B2B companies that does a great job in this method is SEMrush. 

Just look at their Instagram feed, which is full of tips, strategies, and methods linked to SEO. You can also use short content or quotes from stars in your field whose goods and services are similar. And make sure you share the posts with the right words to get to more of your intended demographic.

How Will You Use Your Goods Or Service?

As a business that sells to other businesses, you need to make it easy to buy things. Use Instagram to show people how to use your goods and services. For example, if your company sells SaaS products, you may create short explanation films that show the product's primary features, benefits, and prices.

In the same way, companies that provide services can make a set of videos about their services, their work, feedback from clients, etc. This plan will show what your business offers and what is in it for your fans.

Talk More About Sales And Prices.

Focus more on promotions, price reductions, and special offers to get more people to connect with your business page on Instagram. People are always looking for ways to save money, so exclusive offers and discounts can bring them to your business. You may also run a contest on Instagram to give away a free edition of your goods or service with the initial purchase.

According to TailwindApp, 91% of Instagram posts are being argued about right now. This is why more people are following business pages. Millennials are always looking for fun things to do and events to enter. Holding a giveaway is the best way to get more people to join your B2B Instagram account and convert them into business leads.

Run Instagram Advertising Programs.

You can run ad campaigns on your Instagram business page to reach more people interested in what you offer. Smart marketers constantly understand when and why they should use paid ads. According to a study by Social Media Examiner, 38% of B2B businesses use Instagram advertisements to better sell their goods and services.

As I said before, Instagram may not be the best tool for getting leads, but it is a great way to build brand recognition and stay in prospects' minds until they decide to buy. Here are a few ways to employ Instagram ads that work well.

  • Retargeting page readers

  • Pay attention to possibilities and leads at different points of the sales process.

  • You can sell more to your present customers by telling them about new benefits.

  • Show how well your clients have done.


B2B brands' key social media marketing channels are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Instagram is not one of its more than a billion users, even though it has many of them. People on Instagram are unwilling to be sold things, and it's clear why. A marketing professional knows it's a place where people can be themselves, so they know how to use the platform properly.


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