The Best 10 Wordpress Blogs You Should Be Reading


WordPress began as a writing platform, but it is now the most popular tool for bloggers, website designers, WordPress developers, SEO specialists, and authors. Despite its reputation for being cutting-edge, WordPress began as a tiny enterprise. WordPress is so widespread that it is used by 42.9% of all sites that employ a content management system. 

WordPress is not only strong and well-known, but it is also quite simple to use. This makes it an excellent tool for anybody, regardless of computer skills, who wants to create a website or blog. Another advantage of WordPress is that there are more plugins and themes. This means you may rapidly choose a design that meets your needs and add any additional features or functionalities you want.


WPWeb was founded in 2015 by Jigar Shah and his team. The firm expanded slowly but steadily, and the team has not looked back since becoming an Envato Elite Author. Like many other well-known WordPress development businesses, they have provided the greatest services in their sector.

Customers of the platform known as WordPress may learn a lot about how to enhance their websites from a WPWeb blog. It covers everything related to WordPress, including themes, plugins, hosting, SEO, etc. The blog's creator has been doing this for quite some time and wants to transform WPWeb into a strong WordPress resource.

Sign up to receive their email since they maintain it up to date and will inform you about WordPress updates, tips & techniques, hacks, security, plugins, and everything else related to that platform. Theirs is one of the most fun WordPress blogs to read in 2023.


AJ Clarke founded in 2010 to provide users with WordPress-related content such as papers, guides, courses, tips, and more. He founded a school where individuals could learn how to create WordPress themes and created many free themes. They host some of the most popular WordPress blogs. 

WPExplorer is a resource for learning about WordPress and its many components. If you are looking for WordPress-related questions, here is the place to go. Important WordPress lessons, technical evaluations, the latest WordPress news, and straightforward, easy-to-follow instructions. 


James Farmer established this website with the assistance of a large group. If you want to migrate your business to the WordPress platform, the WPMU DEV blog is a terrific resource for professionals, and it contains some of the top WordPress blogs you should read. 

The WPMU DEV blog has left a wealth of information and hands-on chores for general setting up and customizing WordPress. There are several well-researched articles and a few learning exercises that can help you better comprehend WordPress. If you utilize WordPress and wish to build your company or learn more, this site is a must-read.


Syed Balki founded WPBeginner in 2009. Then, gradually, a team formed, and they began posting practically everything they knew about WordPress on their blog. You might be among the numerous people who utilize WordPress but don't fully comprehend it. 

WPBeginner is an excellent site for newcomers, and you may read their blogs even if you're still acquiring the fundamentals. The blog is intended for newcomers, as the name implies. Plugins, themes, courses, opinions, reviews, bargains, and coupons are some of the topics that are often addressed.

So, if you subscribe to this WordPress site, you'll get access to anything they write. As a result, their blog entries are easy to understand since they employ basic phrasing. Even if you don't know much about WordPress, a blog may help you stay current on trends and news.

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WP Mayor

WP Mayor was based in 2010 by Jean Galea. He operated a web design firm then and wanted to document all he had learned about WordPress. It was an excellent method for him to keep track of all he was learning and share that knowledge with the rest of the world. 

WP Mayor gradually improved to become one of the most famous WordPress blogs on the planet. WP Mayor is a WordPress-specific site with excellent surveys to help you learn about plugins. WordPress plugins, concepts, and other goods are reviewed on this site. The reviews are accurate and fair.


Kinsta Blog was founded in 2013 to create the world's most sophisticated solution for administering WordPress sites. People who are creating their first eCommerce website will find the blog to be a valuable resource. This is due to the website's extensive coverage of eCommerce.

This blog is a godsend if you have problems operating your WordPress site. The present is the blog, which is updated regularly. You should also sign up for the newsletter if you aren't inclined to check the blog often. And, if you sign up for their email, you won't miss any of the blog's ideas. Their website has some of the best blogs to read.


Devesh Sharma created this website. However, a huge community of WordPress professionals currently maintains it, constantly submitting fascinating and valuable content. WPKube is, without a doubt, one of the greatest WordPress blogs available on the internet. 

They provide lessons for beginning users and recommendations for advanced users to help everyone. This website also includes comparative lists and guidelines to assist users in getting the most out of WordPress. If you're seeking blog designs or tools, you can find them all here. 

There are also in-depth examinations of various additional WordPress products. Not to mention that they provide fantastic articles with WordPress advice. WPKube is, without a doubt, one of the greatest WordPress blogs available online. WordPress blogs are interesting to read since they include all of these characteristics.


Adelina Tuca and Ionut Neagu conceived this blog in 2013. They have gradually but steadily published many blogs regarding various WordPress-related topics. Each component is subjected to several research and reviews for you to have complete faith in them. If you're looking for unique ways to utilize WordPress, go no further than CodeinWP. 

The blogs on the well-known WordPress platform are simple to grasp. You should have no issue keeping track of these blogs since they are simple to utilize. It has one of the best WordPress blogs since the text is concise, clear, and straightforward, and difficult information has been broken down into simpler words.


WPLift was established in Sep 2010 by Oliver Dale, who previously founded Kooc Media. Its objective is to help individuals use WordPress by providing courses, theme roundups, tool guides, and WordPress news in general. Daan Tol and his buddies created and maintained this site to submit tales on WordPress. WPLift does excellent work that is simple to comprehend. 

It is a "jack of all trades as well as an expert of all" in the WordPress community. The site is well-known for providing "lifehack"-style advice. It also includes the most comprehensive WordPress security courses available anywhere. As a result, WordPress users nowadays will often visit the site to see whether there are any new entries. Their website contains some of the top WordPress blogs for reading.


In 2009, Sarah Gooding, and Jeff Chandler, with the rest of their team, launched this fantastic website for the first time. Reading the fantastic articles provided by WordPress professionals is a good way to learn how to utilize them. 

This tutorial is wonderful for WordPress novices and those using it for a while. The WPTavern is a great location to learn about what's happening in WordPress. Daily, numerous blog postings discuss the latest applications, significant changes to services many individuals use, and other related topics.

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