Which Blog Platform Is Better: Wordpress Or Blogger?


The good news is that you're headed in the right direction by doing the study you need to do before picking a platform. WP and Blogger are popular because they make it easy for everyone to blog. We'll compare them using well-known measures that are similar in some ways and different in others.


WordPress is a free website maker that can be used to make any kind of blog, online store, archive, gaming, live website, and more. You can get WordPress from Wordpress.org, set it up, and run it yourself. WordPress was initially an open-source tool, and it will stay that way. 

Anyone can help it grow, and if you know how to code, you can add things to and change things on your blog. Choosing the right WP theme for your blog may be essential to setting it up. On WordPress.org alone, you can choose from more than 8,000 themes, and the WordPress plugin library has more than 58,000 plugins.


Pyra Labs became a blogger and came out in 1999. In 2003, Google bought it. It's a normal blog writing tool capable of starting and running a blog. Google improved the platform in 2018 to keep it going, but in many ways, it is still not as good as WordPress. Still, some people like it better than WordPress, and you could be one of them. Let's look more closely at how they are different and the same.

Wordpress Vs. Blogger: A Full Comparison

Control And Ownership

Is your blog still yours if you don't own all of it? When you own your blog, you decide how to run it, make money from it, what to post on it, who can't see it, and when to shut it down.


When you use WordPress, you store your website with a third-party company. You're also not stuck with one web host. You can switch websites whenever you want. You own the WP program you installed; no one can take it away from you. 

Since you paid for your theme, you can use it if it hasn't run out. When you utilize WordPress for your website, you technically own all of your data and have full control over what data you share with others.


Blogger is owned by the tech leader Google. It is free, stable, and has just the right number of tools to help you get your work on the web quickly. But it's not yours. Google is in charge of this site and has the right to shut it down or stop you from using it at any point. It's the same way that Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram can delete or stop user accounts with little or no notice. You could lose everything if Google chooses to stop backing Blogger.

Customization Choices And Functions

Customizations help you stand out from other bloggers in your field and make you different from them. For instance, Adsterra may give the same services as Google Adsense or even better ones, but our website looks and feels very different.


WordPress can be changed more than any other website builder or tool. It lets you change everything, from the color, style, design, and more. With WordPress, you can use a built-in tool called a "theme customizer" to change the look of your site in real-time. Every theme has standard customizer choices, but some add more tabs to the tool for customizing the theme. This makes changing your themes look easy without learning how to code.


With designs and themes, you can set up and change the look of your blog on Blogger. You can change the style and add an About Me area and a Wikipedia gadget box. It's not very customizable, which is a shame, but you can change how pages look, the colors they use, and how they are laid out, among other things.

Design And Appearance Possibilities

A blog that looks good will get and keep readers. The style must be easy enough for people to navigate your web pages.


There are more than 2,000 free and paid WordPress themes, so that you can find many good ones for any website.


Blogger has just a handful of simple layouts used by thousands of blogs. You can change the style and colors of these themes, but you can't make new ones or change them in a big way. Some non-official Blogger themes are out there, but they often break and cost a lot of money. 

Help And Community

When you try something new, it's always good to have company and a group of people who can help you. You want to keep as much money as possible by fixing problems or improving your blog. You'll have to pay a professional to help you if you don't.


Most likely, WordPress has the best online group and help system. There are thousands of lessons, videos, message boards, and other online groups where you can find and get the answers you need. With just one web search, you can find all the help you need for any part of your website.


Even though Blogger has a little help, it's not as good as WordPress. It comes with important instructions and a user group where basic problems can be solved. But no big or serious internet groups offer free help, lessons, videos, or support.


Security And Dependability Are Very Important When Picking A Blog Site. 


WordPress is pretty safe, but you are in charge of keeping your site safe and making backups. The good news is that several apps can protect your WordPress site. We authored a guide for WordPress users on how to keep their websites safe.


You can use Google's stable and safe website when you use Blogger. You won't be concerned about handling your server's resources, keeping your blog safe, or making copies of it. But if Blogger goes down, so will your site and all the other sites stored on Blogspot. And you can't do anything to get your blog back.

Portability And Migration

We want to help you choose the best platform for the site so you don't have to move it. But if you want to do it for personal reasons, you ought to understand which blog platform gives you the best choices for moving your blog.


You don't have to go through much trouble to move WordPress to a new host, alter the domain name, or switch to a different content management system.


It is hard to move the site from Blogger to another website. You could lose your SERP (search engine results page) ranks, users, and follows during the change. Even after you upload your information, Google will keep it on their computers for a long time.


You shouldn't spend all your money on your blog. Instead, put some money into it. Also, it would help if you weren't so focused on "free" that you choose a terrible free choice over a solid paid one. 


While the WordPress software is free, you must buy a server plan and a domain name to start writing. You'll also need to buy paid themes and tools, which usually give you a good return on your money when you start making money from your blog.


You can use Blogger for free. Although some third-party themes are available, all of Blogger's tools, themes, and other features are free. But even though Blogger is free, it doesn't have many of the tools you'll need to make a lot of money from your blog.


We have put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that our authors and users know about Search Engine Optimization. We will, of course, consider this when deciding which writing site is best. SEO is directly related to how well a website does. Your blog will go further the better you are at it. But the tool, web service, and your skills come first.


WordPress has some SEO tools built in, but it shines when you use third-party SEO apps to improve your website and its content.


You can also use the Blogger themes to handle on-page or on-site SEO tasks. You can also change the way your links work. If you know the basics of SEO, there are enough tools on the Blogger site to assist you in ranking high. After all, it is owned by Google. But remember that content is king. If it weren't, Google's search results would be dominated by Blogger-powered sites.


WordPress and Blogger have sufficient users, but choosing one depends on why you want to blog. Blogger is a good choice if you want to make a personal website for a journalist, writer, or SEO expert to share tips and short stories. To make a full-fledged blog that can help you make money, you'll need a stable site like WordPress that can grow.

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