Why Is The Hubspot Blogging Tool Better For Making Blogs?


WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, Ghost, HubSpot, Squarespace, and Wix are just a few blogging platforms available. Each platform has advantages and disadvantages depending on what you want to express. Tumblr, for example, is wonderful for photographs and a tiny bit of content, but it's not ideal for digital marketing.

Squarespace and WordPress are both highly user-friendly, but none offer the simple functionality of the HubSpot blogging platform. For many years, HubSpot has been an important element of what they do at Digital 22. We use it to create valuable content for ourselves and our customers. Here are ten reasons why the HubSpot Bloggers tool is the greatest solution for blog creation.

Easy To Use

Learning how to utilize the HubSpot CMS is simple. Now, I'm not very adept with technology. I'm not a programmer, despite my extensive knowledge of technology. I had no idea what HTML or Java was. Some blogging services use code more than others to bring various functions and features to blogs. HubSpot is not one of them.

And that's what I like most about it: it's simple to grasp and use. You don't need to understand how to code to add videos and other formats to your blog. You may take advantage of both the built-in and embedded functionalities. You may create and update easily identifiable sections for each blog component. The header, banner picture, footer, meta descriptions, the main image may all be customized.

There Are Many Tabs At The Top:

  • You may create the blog's title, post it on social media, and write the primary blog material on the material tab.

  • On the Settings page, I may customize the author, candidacy, and subject tags, create a custom URL, upload a featured picture, and provide my meta description. It also alerts me when your meta description is too lengthy or lacks keywords. I need to stay up with my website's SEO!

  • You may choose to post your blog immediately, backdate it, or arrange it to publish regularly at a later time under the Schedule tab. After you publish your content, HubSpot tracks the metrics to discover what's working and what's not.

Set Templates

When I'm creating a blog post for Digital 22 or a client and select "Create Blog Post," the template is set down to the headline typefaces and subheadings. I don't have to recall which color of deep violet my H2 headers should be, and I don't have to re-upload blog photos or logos. I'm not required to do anything. I must write and go.

If you are involved with marketing, you are not required to begin from scratch whenever you want to create a blog. Your authors may begin writing right immediately by using the tool. All headers, subheadings, body text, & link colors are already configured to your preferences.

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Integrated Stock Images

When I claim that sourcing photographs for my posts takes longer than writing or editing, I'm not joking. It might be the most time-consuming component of the procedure. It isn't easy to locate free photos. Finding the proper picture is just as difficult. 

That's where the built-in stock photos come in helpful. I saved a lot of time by using stock photos. I may rapidly search for and download stock photos by clicking the image toggle on the Content tab. Then all I have to do is alter the alt text. 

You can't spend half an hour searching for photographs on free sites and giving them credit. Because you don't want to infringe on picture copyrights while marketing, having free stock photos built in saves you both time and cash in the long run. You should not join up for pricey stock picture sites, pay per image, or pay a monthly charge.

Improved Text Editor

The text is already in preset layouts, but I can alter the font, make it bold or italic, adjust the line spacing & size, add special characters, & so on, all from a single toolbar. If necessary, I can remove all of the formatting & start again.

I can alter the headlines, add a "Read More" line, and include images, videos, documents, or calls to action (CTAs). It's simple to add bullet points, modify the font color (choose colors that complement your website), and align the content.

I may duplicate current CTAs, modify them, or create new ones. You may create basic buttons or use distinctive design features. You may also utilize analytics tools to see how effective your CTAs are. Other blogging tools do not have smart CTA capabilities.

You'll also like the clever CTA feature. You may use your blog to clone and create basic, solid-color CTA buttons in the typeface and below, or your design team may create nicer ones. It's simple to upload photos, and the link may go directly to your landing page. When you need to find your CTAs again, just search for them, type them into the search bar, and you're done.

Insert And Edit Images.

Every blogging platform allows you to upload and modify photographs. But none of them are as straightforward as HubSpot. You can submit a picture in seconds, copy it, and edit it without affecting the original. You may also use clever editing tools to specify the percentages for Twitter or Facebook.

I can trim and rotate photos. Text, effects, upgrades, frames, lighting, stickers, color, concentrate, and red-eye correction are all options. I can do everything your average editor can, but better. You can utilize these tools even if you don't understand much about Photoshop.

Preview And Personalize The Publication

Most blogging systems provide a feature for testing prerelease versions, but HubSpot takes it further. The preview displays a timestamp as if you had just uploaded it, allowing you to see how it will appear. Send movie trailers to customers or readers to see how they react. Alternatively, if you wish to begin writing for your blog, you may preview how it will seem when printed.

You may also test links, picture sizes, and the flow of the content. I deliver movie trailers to consumers and colleagues content marketers using the preview feature. In this manner, readers may view the blog post without changing settings before it's signed off.

If anything goes wrong, anybody with a HubSpot access account can instantly repair it or provide a solution to me. Even after the blog has gone live, it may be altered and revised, but there are several cautions to ensure that you wish to make the changes.

I'd never heard of this on another site, but you can also select when to publish, which is fantastic. HubSpot allows you to publish in three ways: now, in the future, or the past.

This marketing backdating and timetabling function are fantastic since it allows you to guarantee that you create and release material on time for your present campaign. So, if you wish to publish two blogs every week, you may keep them all in draft mode till you approve them.


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